Sunday, June 30, 2013

Using Ashley, Miranda or Jack's hair on Femshep

With a functioning mesh importer this method is outdated.
Ashley's Hair Mod is located here: link
Jack's Hair Mod download: link
Miranda's Hair Mod download: link 

Adding these hairs via the standard Gibbed method has some...interesting results.  Here's a video if you're curious.

There is currently one work-around that I am aware of currently, and that's "wearing" the hair as a piece of armor.  

This has a few drawbacks.  One, it's inconvenient, and two, in cut scenes where Shepard is automatically loaded or forced into a casual appearance your poor Femshep will have lost her wig.

However, if you just don't care about suddenly bald Shep, or only want to have her look fab for certain parts of the game, keep reading.

The first thing you'll need to do is edit your coalesced.bin file.  That's another tutorial in itself, so I'll save that for another day.  Instead, here's mine: link

Ashley, Miranda and Jack hair are now three additional shoulder pieces.

Now, you can wear Shepard's regular armor without a shoulder, or you can do this:

The last slider for Legs and Arms are invisible pieces.  Added to the Chest are fullbody armor appearances and casual appearances.  Now Shep doesn't look like anything's missing.  


If you want to get creative, maybe adding the missing shoulder to the head slot so you can use the classic N7, you'll have to dive into editing your own coalesced.


So this is seriously inconvenient.  A few keybindings make it less so.

Numpad 9 is forced armor.  Hit it, save and re-load and Shepard will be in armor regardless of where she is.

A few times of Numpad 9 + F5 (autosave) + F9 (load last save) and it will be second nature.


It's possible to give Shepard hair and wear her 'shoulder-hair' on top so she never goes bald.
Possible combos: Cyberbabe + Miranda, PROCustomSexy + Ashley...

Allers + Ashley

Last thing...

Even though you are wearing the hair as an armor,
you still need to change the Hair_Diff and Hair_Mask entries in Gibbed to match, or use a compatible hair diff.  If you don't, it will look weird.




Mesh Names for reference:


  1. Whats the facecode for that face? I want it :D

  2. Hi :)
    There is no facecode, it's a modified default Jane. Here you go:
    Download is at the bottom.

    1. Wooww thankyouu! I love this face, will deffo be using it :) x

  3. I can't seem to get Jack's hair to stop spazzing out. Did I do something wrong? Or is there something I'm missing. I followed your tutorial, but her hair just seems to sick in random areas.

    1. Could you be more specific about the problem? What's going wrong and where in the game. And just to be sure, you didn't add her hair MDL in gibbed and are only using it as armor?

  4. I'm simply not getting together with Ashley PROCustomSexy =/

  5. Help, the hair of ashley and brooks don't match with the armor :S

  6. Hey ELE08, first...thanks for making these hair guides and tutorials. They have certainly made my ME3 experience more enjoyable.

    I've been using Ashley's hair on my FemShep. I was using your old tutorial on making that method work. Then modded Coalesc. file, hotkeys, etc. I also changed the LOD0 Vertices for the Z values with Allers hair. But now I have found the ME3 Explorer method. I downloaded the modded hair mod .pcc file, used ME3 Explorer to make the change, and for the most part all is good. However, there are some areas near the edge of my FemSheps hair line that are....I guess gapped is how I'd describe it. There is no skin texture or hair texture. It's just this clear area that has you looking inside Shepards' head. It's almost like Shepards' head is not 'large enough' to fit the hair.

    Should I have left the Z values alone using the ME3 Explorer method? Meaning, should I revert them back to the values they were prior to me making them 175?

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  8. Hi! When you have downloaded the mod (I chose Miranda)
    We put it put the mod? (That is to say, we put what "file" "document")
    (Origin Game,Mass Effect 3 , Biogame,CookedPcConsole ?)
    Thanks ! ...

  9. Ho , (I chose Ashley and Miranda hair)
    Thanks !

  10. Hello. I downloaded the mod for Miranda's hair. It works, but it also becomes see-through in bright light. Is there a way to fix this?

  11. How did you get Allers and Ashley's hair? I've been modding hair style after hair style but can't get it.