Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mass Effect 3: Femshep Modding Tutorials

A guide to customizing your character.

This is intended to be part modder's resource, part tutorial for customizing your female Commander Shepard (from here forth endearingly referred to as Femshep.)

I will be using my customized default Femshep as an example, but the techniques contained here can be applied to any custom character.

Part 1.  Importing a headmorph into your game.

Part 2.  Editing Your Custom Shepard

     Hair - modding in different hairstyles

     Scalar, Vector, Texture - color and texture

Part 3.  Texmod is your friend.

Part 4.  Lists and more lists.  Values to use in Gibbed.


Download all the files needed to use my customized default Jane in your game here.
*I had a request for a version w/o eyebrows so ones from the CC can be used: alternate tpf is here.


  1. Hey Ele, for your part2 "editing your custom shepard" do you plan on making a tutorial on how to edit default shepard face and make it a headmorph like you did with your awesome character? That would be awesome <3

    1. I didn't make default Shepard into a headmorph, that credit goes to Astralify ( You can change this headmorph any way you like just like a custom Shep - Gibbed, Texmod, etc.

    2. okay, I was under the impression that you changed the geometry of the face a little. Thanks for the reply :)

  2. Before i start, Incredible work! Keep it up :D
    Anyways, Im using your fem shep face ( Your HD texture) which is awesome. But i have a quick question. How did you get your cute freckles on your shep? I tried to use your fem shep face and fixed some thing in Gibbed. Like i tried to use the default fem sheps freckles with you HD fem texture but my game crashes then. Can you please tell me how you get the freckles on your shep? :D

    1. Thanks!

      I'm assuming your game crashes because you put something incorrect in Gibbed, either a typo or an extra space before or after the code.

      If you're asking how to use the freckled face texture on this page it's the texmod in the download, ME3_ELE_defaultfemshep.tpf, and it replaces the default femshep face texture BIOG_HMF_HED_PROMorph_R.PROShepard.HMF_HED_PROShepard_Face_Diff. If you're asking how to use the freckled complexion from my HD face pack it's BIOG_HMF_HED_PROMorph_R.Diffuse.HMF_HED_PROCustom_Frek_Diff. These go in HED_Diff, you can only have one on Shepard.

      You can use both tpf files at the same time, they don't conflict since they replace different things.

      Hope that helps!

  3. Replies
    1. Im so sorry to not understand, but if i say the word " Beginner" maybe it's obvious :P
      But where do i find och or download the BIOG_HMF_HED_PROMorph_R.Diffuse and HMF_HED_PROCustom_Frek_Diff ? And what do you mean and what files do you mean when you said " You can use both tpf files at the same time, they don't conflict since they replace different things" Sorry to take your time (~^.^)~

  4. I used your tutorials and they're awesome, I'm super happy with how my Shep looks now...but I had just a couple of odd issues that I can't figure out. I was hoping that you, or anyone more experienced than I could help. The issues are:

    My shepard is white pale no matter what colour I put in the colour picker.

    The quality of her hair looks odd. I tried to use your coolsims hair first but the quality issue made it look awful so I switched. This one looks better but there's this odd shine to it...

    And lastly sometimes her hair seems to...glow. Like she's part glow worm or something....I think I may have fixed it by changing the colour but it still is a bit too vibrant at times for my liking.

    Here's a set of images to demonstrate:

    1. Hi!

      I'm not sure why changing in the color selector would have no effect, because she is pure white (not pale, there's no skin tone.) Try changing it manually in the 'raw' tab and open these:
      Player -> Appearance -> Headmorph -> Vector Parameters (the [...])
      Is SkinTone all ones or something? If you want to try the following to test these are a medium skin tone:
      B = 0.208359674
      G = 0.348864853
      R = 0.7592997

      Are you using the texmod that came with coolsims? You need it for the texture.

      Looking at the picture, I don't think that's my Brooks hair mod. It looks like the one on the BSN, which would explain the lighting problems since it was created using an old build of the ME3Explorer.

  5. Thanks, I'll give those a try right now and also load up your brooks mod and see if that's the case. In all likelyhood it is. I did use the texmod as well as the texmod with origin work around but no cigar.

    The glowy hair is definitely better but still a little bright. I can live with it though, it looks so much better with your textures than it did before.

    And the skin thing worked. I guess it's just the colour picker that's messing up on me? Any chance you've got the codes for one shade lighter than the medium tone?

    Thank you so much for your help btw, you're a godsend.

    1. You're welcome!

      And maybe the color picker works now since its been manually set? Should be able to move "V" slider to the right to lighten it up. Or you could get the numbers from another save (like just make a Shepard to just get the numbers.)

      One other thing with the sims hair, you have this in both HAIR_Diff and HAIR_Mask?

      If you still need to tone down hair shine, lower the numbers in
      Highlight1Intensity and Hightlight2Intensity (inside Scalar Parameters) and/or change Highlight1Color & Highlight2Color in the color picker to be less bright. Lowering the scalar numbers will make the highlight colors shine less intense.

  6. You're amazing, it worked like a charm! Thanks so much!

  7. beautiful ELE08.
    I have a problem with your files. I can´t get the hazel or the nebula eyes to work no matter what! Any tips ELE?

    1. If you're using the Texture Overhaul it needs to be higher/above it in load order on texmod.

      If you're not using my headmorph file you need to add this to textures:
      EYE_Mask = BIOG_Humanoid_MASTER_MTR_R.EYE.HMM_Eye_MASTER_Spec_Stack

    2. Should clarify, the custom eyes need to be above the Texture Overhaul (so it doesn't get overwritten.)

    3. Hi, does that goes for all the files, i mean should Overhaul be furthest down in the list in Texmod?
      Thanks Ele ;)

    4. Nope, just below the one it's going to overwrite. It wouldn't hurt either way though.

    5. Hi Ele, im using your shepard with ash hair and your brunette morph.
      Can you help me get here hair shiny black and blue eyes, not the nebula eyes. Dont know how to get these two working in gibbed..

      Best Regards dieselbrand ;)

    6. Read this to learn how to change colors:

      To remove the nebula eyes, don't run the texmod and delete this entry from texture paramters:
      EYE_Mask = BIOG_Humanoid_MASTER_MTR_R.EYE.HMM_Eye_MASTER_Spec_Stack

    7. I managed to just copy settings from another headmorph... But you´re wright about the reading, thanks for the heads up.

      While we are at it Ele, the lips is very tricky to get right, do you mind sharing the values for your picture with puffy west, the lips on your babe is just the colour i want. If you dont mind that is.

    8. There's no gibbed lip color there - its my Shep's face texture.

  8. Do you have a version of your girl w/o freckles? I love everything but the freckles. They are cute, but not for me. LOL. Didn't realize they were even there until I put it into texmod. Unfortunately, I can't change ANYTHING because I can't NOT run texmod. I can't uninstall texmod and it is permanently linked to no matter what I do, I can't play me3 without running texmod. I'm at a bit of a loss...chalk it up to being new at all of this. :( Any advice would be appreciated.