Thursday, January 16, 2014

ME3 Character Texture Overhaul

DOWNLOAD for texmod

Install textures permanently using ME3Explorer's TPF Tools. Guide by Ottemis.

This mod aims to make the characters in Mass Effect 3 look higher res and more life-like.

I have replaced most of the textures in the character creator, which covers custom Shepard (male and female) and many NPCs.

I have reduced the appearance of the hairline seam as much as possible, but it may still be apparent in some lighting.

If you are using a custom face texture on Shepard, load that Texmod higher than mine so it overwrites. If possible, I recommend replacing default Shepard's face textures and applying them to custom Shepard with Gibbed save editor to avoid conflict.

Bundled with Eyelashes by Eranen

Alternate download on the Nexus