Sunday, June 30, 2013

Scalar, Vector, Texture

This is where you can do some interesting things like give Shepard glossy lips.

Open your save in Gibbed.
Click over to "Raw"-> Player -> Appearance -> Headmorph

Scalar Parameters

Click the [...] button to the right of (Collection) next to Scalar Parameters to open up a 2nd window.

A list of useful values and what they mean:

HED_Blush_Scalar - Controls blush transparency.  Zero will be nothing, one will be quite heavy.  Anything higher and you're probably heading into clown territory, depending on what color your blush is (more on color selection later.)

HED_Addn_SPwr_Lips_Scalar - Together these two control lip shine.  For example in the picture above I have the first set at "10" and the second set at "100".  Zero for both means no extra shine.

HED_Addn_Blowout_Scalar - How dark custom eyebrows are saturated with color.  Default femshep won't be affected because her eyebrows are painted on her face, but this can be used on any character creator femshep.  "0.5" will be very thin brows - "1.5" will be very dark.

HED_Lips_Tint_Scalar - Controls lip color transparency.  Same as blush, zero is nothing - one is about normal and anything higher is subjective.

HED_EyeShadow_Tint_Scalar - eyeliner heaviness

HED_Brow_Tint_Scalar - eyeshadow heaviness
In ME3 both will be much lighter than in previous games, and the eyeliner is less defined. The ME3_legacy_makeupmask.tpf I have in my default femshep download will return it to its previous appearance.  The texture overhaul also includes a modified version.

HED_SPwr_Scalar - How much light Shepard's face emits, for lack of a better descriptor.  Higher values will make her glow more.

Hightlight1Intensity - How much hair highlight color 1 shows/shininess
Hightlight2Intensity - How much hair highlight color 2 shows/shininess

Vector Parameters (aka color values)

ME3 Gibbed has a user friendly color interface that comes up in the Appearance tab.  Click the value you want to edit and the Change Color button to bring up the color wheel.

HED_Blush_Vector - Blush color

SkinTone - Skin Color

EYE_White_Colour_Vector - Eye color (area around the iris)

EYE_Iris_Colour_Vector - Eye color (iris)

HED_Hair_Colour_Vector - Base hair color

HED_Addn_Colour_Vector - Eyebrow color

HED_Lips_Tint_Vector - Lipstick color

HED_EyeShadow_Tint_Vector - Eyeliner color

HED_Brow_Tint_Vector - Eyeshadow color

Highlight1Color - Hair highlight color

Highlight2Color - 2nd hair highlight color

The old way...also useful for transferring values from ME2 save editor.

Opening "Vector Parameters" (Collection) in the "Raw" tab will bring up the RGB number values.

Texture Parameters

This is where you specify which textures (such as diffuse, spec, and normal maps) are used on Shepard.  A list of mined values is HERE.

Diffuse: The visible flat texture most people think of when they are thinking about game textures
Spec: Controls how light reflects and interacts with an object
Normal: Adds depth and surface detail
Mask: Looks black and white, determines where color is visible or transparent, like on eyelashes.  Think of it like a stencil.

HED_Scalp_Diff - Scalp diffuse

HED_Scalp_Norm - Scalp normal map (also known as a bump map)

HAIR_Diff - Hair diffuse

HED_Diff - Face diffuse

HED_Lash_Diff - Eyelash mask

HED_Norm - Face normal map

HED_Makeup_Mask - Makeup mask

HAIR_Mask - Hair mask

HED_Brow - Eyebrow mask

For a nice visual guide to makeup, color, and eyebrows check out this blog by Corora: link


  1. HEy! I must ask, do you know if there is custom scar to your fem shep? i find the image in ottemods blog when she showed her new hairstyle. If you look close you can se a scar och shepard's cheek. Do you have any ide how to get it ? :D

    1. That's a custom texmod she made for her femshep :)

  2. Do you know if she have upload it? Because it would be awesome :D

    1. She hasn't that I know of - but, you should really ask her instead of me :P