Wednesday, December 18, 2013

ME3 Mod: "Helena" Outfit

This mod replaces the dress.


Source Files for modders

Update 2.22.2014  .mod download - ME3Explorer mod maker installer for the mesh; this will only replace the dress, not the entire file (you will still need the tpf for the textures, either use Texmod or install it with ME3Explorer.)

1. Follow the install instructions HERE

2. Run the included tpf with Texmod or it will use the original dress textures.

-There are 3 color variants, use one at a time.

Mesh conversion to femshep done by

I have uploaded the source files for manual replacement, and a psd to make recolors easier (separate because the files are quite large.)

Created with ME3Explorer mesh importer rev456

3dsMax 2012 and the UDK


  1. Hey, nice work.

    Is it possible to make this mod with a skirt, instead of pants?


  2. Hy what face texture are you using with this character can you put a link for that or named the mod and the maker ? Thank you and have a nice day.