Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mass Effect 3 Mod: Kyoko Hair


1. Follow the installation instructions HERE

2. Use Gibbed to mod the following hair mesh and textures following this guide: link



3. Run the included Texmod or the textures will not display correctly.

Credit, sort of!
This hair was originally by Kozaburo; I ported it from a Fallout 3 port
which was floating around the internet and now it's in ME3 with crappy alphas! Hooray.

Created with ME3Explorer mesh importer rev456
3dsMax 2012 and the UDK


  1. I LOVE this mod. Its so perfect that I probably would never play as a female without it... But I can't use it; I followed the instructions as best I could (never even played ME3 until yesterday, so I have no clue how to install a mod), and assume that when stating the location of the pcc file, that means I'm supposed to copy the file to that location and replace the old one before proceeding with ME3Explorer and TexMod, but whenever I copy that file to the CookedPCConsole folder, all my FemShep saves stop loading (it just sits there at the loading screen until I close ME3 with ctrl+alt+delete and task manager), then when I place the original file back instead of the modified ones, the saves work again. Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong? Am I maybe using the wrong version of ME3Explorer (it says "Version 0106w")? I hope I'm not posting too late for a reply... :(

  2. Oh, it may also be worth noting that I tried editing a save with the mesh and texture and that was how I first noticed the saves not working... So I deleted that Career and started with a fresh new game, and those saves wouldn't load either, edited or not... I've edited MShep saves, its only the female ones that break. *boggled*

  3. Got it figured! Turned out it was a host of issues, including ME3Explorer not running as Administrator in order to correctly update the PCConsoleTOC.bin. Lol, silly me. ;) Thank you SO much for this mod! I would have no interest playing a female without it!