Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mass Effect 3 Male Hair Mod: Unruly Mohawk

I'm back with some mods for Broshep!


1. Follow the install instructions HERE

2. Use Gibbed to mod the following hair mesh and textures following this guide: link
Hair Mesh: BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Hair_Mohawk.HMM_HIR_Mhk_MDL

Hair_Diff & Hair_Mask: BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Hair_James.HMM_HIR_James_Diff
*if an entry is missing create a new one using the "add" button

Pictured with:
HED_Scalp_Diff: BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Hair_CrewCut.HMM_HIR_Cru_Diff
HED_Scalp_Spec: BIOG_HMM_HIR_PRO_R.Hair_CrewCut.HMM_HIR_Cru_Mask

Created with 3dsMax 2012 and ME3explorer Meshplorer


  1. ELE is there a way you can tell us how to have the outfit and the texture that your manshep wear???

  2. Hey ELE, I just want to say I'm a huge fan of your mods and thank you for sharing them. I hope this question isn't out of line, but would it be possible to have the head morph for your Broshep? :) Thanks.